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  • DZL Annual Meeting stage

    DZL Annual Meeting 2023

    14. Juni 2023

    14-06 to 16-06-2023

    DZL Annual Meeting 2023 took place in Fürstenfeldbruck […]

  • CPI Retreaet Bad Nauheim stage

    CPI Retreat 2023

    1. Juni 2023

    01-06 to 02-06-2023

    During the CPI retreat in Bad Nauheim, we […]

  • Julian Better gets his Award for his work in neutrophil efferocytosis

    ATS 2023

    23. Mai 2023


    Congratulations to our clinician-PhD student Julian Better for not one […]

  • Poster award for Learta Pervizaj-Oruqaj

    9. März 2023


    Congratulations to Learta Pervizaj-Oruqaj for receiving a distinguished poster award at the ERS Conference […]

  • Prof. Dr. Elie El Agha is being presented with an award.

    University of Giessen award for DZL scientist for Prof. Dr. Elie el Agha

    30. November 2022


    Prof. Dr. Elie El Agha, Principal Investigator of the DZL, has been […]

  • Margarida Barroso is receiving a poster award.

    Poster prize for Margarida Barroso

    11. Juli 2022


    The best poster award for the disease area of pneumonia and acute […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    Learta Pervizaj-Oruqaj has been awarded the CPI Poster Prize

    11. Juli 2022


    For the best poster at the CPI retreat with the title: „Viral […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    Review paper in Cells just published

    3. Mai 2022


    We recently published a review paper in Cells (MDPI) entitled “3D In […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    Prof. Dr. Susanne Herold has been awarded a LOEWE Top Professorship at Justus Liebig University Giessen

    3. Mai 2022


    The LOEWE research funding program of the state of Hesse is providing three million […]
  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    Vaccination is the most important remedy – and the only remedy

    22. Januar 2022


    Interview with German Research

    Germany in the fourth wave of the coronavirus […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    SFB TR84 is funded for an extra year of COVID-19 research

    8. Juli 2021


    The SFB TR 84 Innate Immunity of the Lung application for additional […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    The imaging unit recently launched services

    16. März 2021


    The Imaging Unit at the Institute for Lung Health […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    SFB 1021 funding period prolonged until 2024

    16. März 2021


    We are happy to announce that the SFB 1021 was evaluated in […]

  • new laboratories

    Lab team moved to the new CIGL building

    7. Dezember 2020


    In December 2020 most of our lab team moved to the newly established laboratories […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    Accepted for publication

    3. August 2020


    our manuscript Vazquez-Armendariz et al. entitled “Multilineage murine lung stem cells generate […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    Media contributions to the current coronavirus outbreak

    1. Juli 2020


    please find the recent press releases and other media contributions from our […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    KFO 309 funded until 2023

    19. Dezember 2019


    the clinical reserch unit KFO 309 is funded by the DFG for […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    Travel grant to attend the EMDS-CFCD conference for Christina Malainou

    26. Juli 2019


    Christina Malainou
    has been selected for a CFCD-EFIS conference travel award
    of 500 euros […]
  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    ARDS conference

    8. Mai 2019


    Together with Michael A. Matthay, Lorraine B. Ware, Wolfgang Kübler and Martin […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    Poster prize for Ivonne Vazquez-Armendariz

    17. Februar 2019


    We congratulate Ivonne as a poster award winner for the poster title […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    Margarida Barroso received an abstract scholarship.

    17. Februar 2019


    Margarida Barroso was chosen to receive an Abstract Scholarship by the Assembly […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    The DZL 2019 Annual Meeting poster prize winner is Christina Malainou.

    7. Februar 2019


    Christina Malainou was awarded with a poster price during the DZL annual […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    ATS awardees

    24. Oktober 2018

    Ivonne Vazquez-Armendariz was selected to receive the International Trainee Travel Scholarship Award 2018 of the […]

  • Hintergrund Herold Lab

    Excellence strategy:

    27. September 2018


    The Cardiopulmonary Institute (CPI) to be funded for 7 years

    For more information, […]