01-06 to 02-06-2023

During the CPI retreat in Bad Nauheim, we had our clinician-scientist Dr. Matt presenting his team’s project on how neutrophil efferocytosis controls the mitochondrial metabolism of alveolar macrophages. PhD student Georgios Kiliaris (Prof. El Agha’s research group) and clinician/PhD student Christina Malainou (Prof. Herold’s research group) participated in the poster teaser session, while our PhD students Ali Khadim, Theresa Shaefer and Mahsa Zabihi participated in the poster session, together with Dr. Irina Kuznetsova. Our lab’s human iPSC-derived lung organoid model was presented by PhD student Margarida Barroso on the disease modeling hub session.

presentation on the CPI Retreat
CPI Retreaet Bad Nauheim stage
CPI Retreat Bad Nauheim
CPI Retreat 2023 Bad Nauheim